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2020: Vocal. Visible. Valuable.

written by John
9 · 05 · 20

Yes, it’s September – and yes, I’m fulfilling a this-year-I’m gonna-do-it resolution to launch a blog. A few weeks into the year, I was thinking of a slogan, a theme, a saying that might unify my plans & hopes. One calm morning, it simply hit me: “vocal. visible. valuable.” 

That was it – and that is it. At the start of the year, I set out to move more both internally as well as to push more externally.

I knew deep down that I could do more for myself: reflect more, read more, exercise more. I was going to join a gym, but then suddenly that wasn’t (and still isn’t) a very smart thing to do. Instead, I’m walking daily and doing calithenics that will eventually prepare my body for strength training.

For my mental health, I needed to not only think yet also do. That is, it’s not enough to know what’s needed but to act in my own best interests for peace of mind. Specifically, it meant taking the time to be still. It also meant affirming my self-worth and assuming I can follow my interior compass. It remains a daily task: without struggle, rolling forward with my best intention.

I also knew that I could do even more outside of myself yet in my sphere of influence at work, at home, in my community, where I could share more of my know-how, opinion and wisdom.

The need to be more courageous and to use my voice for good as never been more urgent than during this tumultuous year. I’ve take a more active role in office meetings, online conversations, and family discussions. I express my POV and challenge erroneous assumptions and conclusions – yes, you’re gonna hear me! …Then, I leave it at that, listen, learn, and move on.

Yes, I want to “be the person my dog thinks I am”: caring, expressive, creative, busy, nurturing, productive.  I think that is my way, and my path forward through the rest of this year.


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