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After growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, I went to University of Dayton and then completed my studies at University of Southern California. After enjoying my 20s through the ’80s in Los Angeles, I moved abroad to live & work in Mexico City from 1994-2012. During that time, I led a men’s health non-profit organization and organized the first international TEDx among many other experiences and jobs. In 2013, I married and then settled in Atlanta in 2014. Learn more about my journey plus reflections, essays, and stories on my blog.

I’ve always been enthusiastic about technology’s ability to spark creativity, collaboration and development. In addition to my current role as Product Manager at AT&T, I’m the Founder of Mango Digital, a web publisher of online communities, services and sites. You can learn more about creating communities of purpose, place, practice and passion at


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